Alassëa Talren


Alassëa Talren: elf of the woods. A young lover of nature and a seasoned hunter-gatherer.


Reigning from her home town of Hosduin, a small wooded village populated by wood elves, Alassëa was a lone wolf from a young age. Her ambitious, wandering nature strong and her care somewhat lacking, a daydreaming stroll out of the village one day with her dearest companion (her cat, Dûrion) found Alassëa lost in wide open spaces of nothingness and this is when her journey truly began.

The Alassëa that stands today has been sculpted by a life of solitude paired with sheer determination to survive. Her skills are honed from trials, errors and close calls.

Not your usual aloof elf, Alassëa is easily amused and easily distracted. However with an almost split personality, she resonates her true genes when it comes to combat, with relentless focus, unwavering stealth and wicked sneak attacks that would even leave barbarians shaking in their hide boots.

Alassëa lives for nature and the pride of her kind, bent on surviving in this harsh, relentless world."

Alassëa Talren

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